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Pitch your idea

Foodblogger1Are you a foodblogger dreaming of publishing your own cookbook. A talented creative that wants to showcase the world your skills? Or do you just have the perfect idea for a possible new product the world needs to see?

Then we might want to work together. From start to finish, we’re built to launch books via crowdfunding.


For more information send us a message through our contact form. We will normally reply within a few days. visit! (5)

We’ll help conceptualize, crowdfund, develop, print and distribute your dream product.

Our common aim is to end up with a product that meets the demands of successful crowdfunding projects and take it all the way to the market.

Interested in finding out if we can help each other? Then you can pitch your idea to us in our contact form and we will investigate the possibility of launching it together. You can be sure your career will be Kickstarted in the best possible way.




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