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We are excited to finally be live on Kickstarter with the first book in Duckwood’s portfolio. As promised we are searching for truly special books to publish and this first one might be the most special one we will ever find.

One month before D-Day the allied supreme commando received a top-secret intelligence report codenamed The Neptune Monograph. The 112 pages contained thorough information about everything from tidal forces to typical battle tactics. It described German defenses and typical strongpoints, the risk of chemical attacks and were so thorough it even had an analysis of the soil type on Utah and Omaha Beach.

The Monograph was so vital to the planning that it was stamped Top Secret Bigot – the absolute highest security term. Only a few men were allowed to see the intelligence report before D-Day. After the invasion, it almost disappeared from history.

Only a small group of men ever saw it before it disappeared from history.

Now we will bring it to life.

Only a few full copies in declining condition exist today of The Monograph, that has been called the single most important document in relation to securing the success on D-Day and eventually the fall of Nazi Germany 11 months later. We have managed to find a full copy, including the original 12 full-size maps and will turn it into the coolest book you have ever owned.

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