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What we do


Duckwood Media is a small independent publishing house founded in 2018, that publish books via crowdfunding. We put all our passion and knowledge into our work; wishing to convey our love of books to anyone who wants to enjoy them.

Our expertise is to develop unique printed products from great ideas. We follow up by planning and executing the right social media strategy and finally kickstart the product on crowdfunding platforms. After the campaign, we manage production, printing, and distribution.

Besides publishing our own work we aim to give creative people a platform and a kickstart to their career. In short, we help bring the ideas of aspiring talents to life.

We have decided to work mainly with products that are able to meet the demands of crowdfunding. That means truly different and unique books for a selected audience.

In short, crowdfunding meet our love for producing quality products, but it also gives us some other very important benefits. First of all, we love the idea that our products get an immediate reaction from possible customers like they do on crowdfunding platforms. But just as importantly, it really helps us to keep our costs low, since we do not print and distribute any product that hasn’t already been sold.

By keeping costs down we can ultimately send more money back to the people who deserve it: the creative people whose ideas we help bring to life. We think that’s fair.

All that being said a crowdfunded success is an easy and cheap step towards shelf space in the traditional bookstores and effective sales via online channels.

Most of our portfolio comes to live through crowdfunding and social interaction, but some products are better off with another go-to-market strategy. Ultimately we always choose the strategy that has the highest chance of making a new product a reality.